Change Notes.

  1. "Follow Me" command.
  2. "Cancel All Waypoints" command.
  3. Basic player status report. (kills, deaths, battles won...Under Info/Report tab)
  4. SFX volume slider.
  5. Radio volume slider.
  6. Reduced battle distance.
  7. More options in video settings.
  8. Select squad with F1,F2,F3…...
  9. Bigger units icon on the strategy map.
  10. Fast forward on the map(by holding the Spacebar)
  11. Saving/Loading bug.
  12. Added 2 kneepads.
  13. Bug: The trade skill doesn't seem to work.
  14. Bug: Can’t use Medkit.
  15. Bug: Trader has no money.
  16. Icons that show current squad status(cease-fire, following player..)
  17. Cheat button for testing (End button)
  18. Key to hide UI
  19. Prevent enemy squads from spawning super close to you.

For the next update, we will keep fixing known issues and we will enable multiple squad selections and command.

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