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It is a quick patch that fixed some critical issues from v0.102. For people who can't save/load the game because of the Kaspersky, this patch may fix the issue. Let us know :)

Change Notes

  1. Bug: Weird sounds effects
  2. Bug: SFX slider doesn't work
  3. Bug: Gun has no sound sometimes
  4. Bug: GUI Window overlapping each other.
  5. Bug: Inventory disappear on load
  6. Bug: Can’t hit the enemy when they are prone.
  7. Bug: Can’t load/save unit experience
  8. Bug: Shadow of hand on the ground removed
  9. Bug: Blood screen doesn’t disappear.(Need to check if it still exists)
  10. Bug: Can't find all squads in party window (Slider not big enough)
  11. Tweaked saving/loading DLL so it will get less flagged by antivirus software.
  12. Remapping quick save/load keys
  13. Lowered army salary
  14. Slightly lowered weapons prices
  15. Highlight selected units

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