Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Wiki
  1. Added a loading screen and optimized the launching process to reduce overhead.
  2. Bug: Soldier stuck in the equipment box
  3. Bug: Falling down from the edge
  4. Bug: Flying troops
  5. Bug: AI don’t die or fight after relationship is changed from hostile to neutral
  6. Bug: Squad name out of the box.
  7. Bug: Inventory can’t be scrolled down when there are a lot of items in it.
  8. Bug: can´t scroll to the top of my inventory in the trade screen.
  9. Bug: Defending garrison don’t join the combat
  10. Bug: Some armor do not increase armor value
  11. Added confirmation window when pressed save/load/start a new game
  12. Added Standard launcher to select resolution and overall quality before launching the game
  13. Rebind lean keys
  14. Rebind Aim and Fire keys
  15. Button to reward individual squad
  16. Reduced fleeing chance when morale is low
  17. Hide UI keybinding
  18. Reduced grenade affecting area

For people who cannot enter the game: In this patch, we did some optimization to the launcher, it may help avoid crashing on launch. Let us know if it works. You also can select resolution and general graphical quality before entering the game.

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