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Anna's inventory.

Companions are special characters added in the v 0.130 Character Customization & Companions update. They behave like other units and can be assigned to squads; however, they will not die when defeated in combat, making them worthwhile characters to invest equipment in.

They can also be made into generals and they will field their own army to help you fight and conquer cities.

Companions can also be made into Mayors of cities to help it grow.

There are currently a total of 28 companions.

Acquiring Companions[edit | edit source]

Companions are spread out throughout the cities and they will be visible once you go into the Bar in each city.

Each companion has a different requirement for joining. Some require money and some require high relationship while others simply requires a quest being finished.

Some or all companions have a favorite gift that will increase their relation with you. Base is 3 and the highest seems to be 13. You are supposed to be able to guess by reading their backstory.

You can also recruit companions from other factions after defeating them and successfully capturing them. However selling a captured companion will make them disappear from the game entirely.

Companion Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Your companions will start with various amounts of equipment. Some will be fully geared with armor and primary weapons and some will come with absolutely nothing, leaving you having to equip them.

List of Companions[edit | edit source]

Name Join Requirement Join Quest Preferred Gift >+10 Normal Gift <+10 DIslike Gift Faction
Anastasia 50 Relationship None Jewelry Outfit, Watch, Painting Dress,Wine
Anna 20 Relationship None Dress Novel, Wine, Outfit, Watch Vodka, Painting, Jewelry
Bohdan Capture, Quest 100000 Faction Money Jewelry Outfit, Watch, Vodka Wine Free Cossacks Army
Denis Capture, Quest Own a Designated City Dessert, Watch, Outfit Wine Pozna Battalion
Dimitro Capture, Quest 500 Reputation Watch Cigar Wine Atov Federation
Finn Capture, Quest Plunder 5 Villages Cigar Dress Uman Brotherhood
Georgiy Quest Capture 2 Uman Terrorists Watch Dessert
Haaken Capture, Quest Own a City Painting Novel, Watch Uman Brotherhood
Igor 8000 Zolties Own 1 City, and

declare independance

Watch Cigar, Dessert Flowers
Irina 40 Relationship Dress Flowers, Watch Painting, Jewelry
Ivan 12000 Zolties Watch Painting, Dessert Flower
Kostyantin Capture Have Olga in party Watch Vodka, Cigar Atov Federation
Leonid Quest Own a City Watch Novel Wine
Ludmila 30 Relationship Have 35 rep with

Valkyrie Female Fighters

Jewelry Dessert
Maria Quest 30 Pills or 30 Chemical Dress Painting Wine
Maxim Quest Find photography equipment Watch Cigar, Novel
Miroslava 50 Relationship Dress Jewelry, Novel
Oksana Capture Attack an Uman's city Watch Dessert Painting Valkyrie Female Fighters
Oleg Capture Have 40 soldiers Dessert, Branded Outfit Atov Federation
Olga Capture, Quest Own a City Painting Jewelry,Dessert Cigar Chernivkan Front
Ostap Capture negative atov relation Watch Novel Free Cossacks Army
Petro 150 Reputation Watch Dessert, Vodka
Roman Capture Destroy 3 Atov Security Patrol units Watch Outfit Pozna Battalion
Sergei 40 Relationship Watch Vodka, Novel Jewelry, Painting,
Stepan Capture Be hostile with Atov Vodka Wine Free Cossacks Army
Tatyana Capture Attack an Atov's city Jewelry Pozna Battalion
Victoria Capture Destroy 3 Uman Terrorist units Flowers Valkyrie Female Fighters
Vitaly Capture Have 50 soldiers Watch Painting Atov Federation
Volodomir 12000 Zolties Have 50 Reputation Watch Outfit, Dessert Dress
Yevgen Quest Destroy Looter Camp Jewelry Vodka, Dessert
Yuriy Capture Be hostile with all factions Watch Outfit Pozna Battalion

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • | Still work in progress
  • | All information collected was performed on a fresh save, no upgrades at all.
  • | Used Version 1.0 - 10/08/2019.