Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Wiki

Added ability to change companion names.

Added 1 skirmish map(mountain type)

Added 3 guns.

AK74M: A tactical modern assault rifle made with high-quality precision parts, and polymer components. A symbol of hope.

G1: German made heavy hitting long range assault rifle. Has a low maintainable rate of fire for long range shooting. A powerful noise striking fear into your enemies.

Mac-11: High rate of fire machine-pistol. A bullet hose reaping a burst of energy to mow down those foes foolish enough to come within range.

Replaced models for 2 armour

Added 9 clothing.

Removed the companion ammo belt.

Bug Fix: Loading error/no loading button.

Bug Fix: Companion not gaining experience.

Bug Fix: Character name doesn't show.

Bug Fix: Shoes don't save properly.

Bug Fix: Night Vision Goggles doesn't work.

We will continue to balance the game fix more bugs for the next update.